Saturday, July 28, 2007

In the Evergreen State

Well, I did it. I moved back to the Northwest. Here's a picture I took the other day that I think really captures the spirit of the region. I call it "Joggers In Rain With Radiant Green Backdrop."

When Dan and I arrived in WA the fates of weather conditions arranged for an unseasonably wet couple of weeks, probably to welcome us home. Now it's warmed up again, and Dan and I are just beginning to find our routines—work, family, school stuff, etc.—but I still haven't found my normal knitting stride. I'm fairly shocked it's been a month since the last time I blogged, and I really miss my knitting group. I had plans to start one here, but lately I keep thinking about how a new group will be totally different from my old one. Then I just get hung-up on trying to decide what day I should try to have it, and then I can't decide where it should meet anyway. Oh well. I miss you, my sweet Santa Cruz crafters!

Of course, I'm still knitting a bit, even if not as industriously as usual. Here's a little something that's almost done. It's a super cute free pattern from Hello Yarn. I'm making it for a special baby due this fall.

Now I have a very important question for you, gentle readers: Do you think the ear I made is too long? I'm worried it will be overly floppy, and this concern is keeping me from picking up stitches for the second ear.

Finally, by popular request, I took a picture of my new apartment. This is the living/dining room area.

Isn't it pretty? You should all come over to knit with me and sip tea.