Sunday, October 28, 2007


I'm on another research trip in sunny, hot (and fiery) Southern California. This time, instead of spending all of my time going through archives, I'm also conducting oral history interviews with some very interesting older people. So far it's gone well, but I haven't managed to get nearly as many done as I originally hoped. On the other hand, I found a very promising new source for primary source documents pertinent to my subject, and it's at another lovely space. For some reason, I've been lucky as a researcher and usually find myself working in fabulously cozy and friendly archives (unlike other people I know).

Really, I've spent the entire trip in lovely surroundings. Staying with my aunt, uncle, and cousin is always very nice, and during this trip I got another treat and was able to spend the weekend with my dear friend Holly at her family's very beautiful and comfortable house (my view of the kitchen table before I started this blog entry is pictured above). Holly is the first friend from Santa Cruz that I've been able to connect with since I moved in June, and I've really enjoyed seeing her and getting to know her mom and sister. We even knit together a little.

Her family's house has a fantastic view and is full of interesting pictures and objects artfully displayed. Everywhere I look there's something else to examine and contemplate. But, despite the plentitude of decorative objects, none of the rooms seem cluttered or busy. It's inspired me in several ways, but particularly: I want to have more flowers inside and to try putting more framed photos on the walls.

Holly and I noticed something else interesting when we stopped for lunch on our way to LACMA yesterday. Seeking Ethiopian food, we stopped on Fairfax to look around. It's well known as a Jewish neighborhood (people always seem to bring it up when I mention that I'm researching Jewish history in Los Angeles), but now the streets are also lined with Ethiopian shops and restaurants. Next to where we ate lunch we saw "The National Council of Jewish Women Thrift Shop," and it was like I'd been transported into a modern version of my MA thesis.

All in all, the more I learn about Los Angeles, the more interesting it becomes.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Busy on my birthday scarf

This is my birthday scarf. My birthday was several weeks ago, but this is my birthday scarf because it's made out of my very, very lovely birthday yarn: four luxurious skeins of Noro Silk Garden. The pattern is a very simple design that I first saw on Brooklentweed's blog months ago, and I've wanted to make it ever since. I'm mesmerized by watching the colors change as I knit this and can't wait to have its loveliness snuggled around my neck. It's definitely cold enough outside to warrant a scarf, and I want to wear this one right now!