Thursday, June 29, 2006

In Tel Aviv

I am sitting in the hallway of the dorm where I am staying in Tel Aviv. There is wireless Internet on this floor, but I didn't bring my computer to Israel, so I am borrowing this one. It is very hot, and I need to take a shower. I have only knit a bit, but I hope that I will do more soon.

Today I went to a street market in town and bought a hat. It cost 20 shekels (about 5 dollars), and I drank lemonade with mint at a coffee shop where they didn't have a menu translated into English, so the waitress translated for us. I can only sound out Hebrew, which doesn't really help much, but I could read the word "milkshake."

I haven't found a yarn store yet, but I have a month to look and plenty to keep me busy until then.

I will post pictures next week.


Non-knitter Knitting Fan said...

Hooray for milkshakes and cheap hats! Adjusting to the Israeli heat makes me are the knitting projects Isrealis do different from the scarves, sweaters, and socks of the Knotty Historian?

KellysIrishRed said...

Glad you arrived safely. No one showed up to knitting group this St, except for me and I brought quilting, not knitting :)

I hope all is well and happy fourth of July. Jamie, Luke, Cami, and I will be thinking of you when we're at the beach tomorrow :)