Monday, March 05, 2007

Riding the sock train through sick land

I'm terribly sick of being sick! Enough, I say! We are gaining on the two week mark, and, I ask you, isn't that long enough? Why do my ears still throb? Why does my throat still ache? Has my head permanently converted into a mucus producing machine? Why do I still feel like the most productive thing I will do today is take a nap? Arrrrgg!!! I have no time for this!

Thank you for your patience with my whining. I will now show you a sock.

Despite fabulous plans for my sweet grandma's scarf and a cat hat for my little niece, all I've managed in the past two weeks is to keep going on my socks. The marvelous Erin, who kindly entertains me while I'm a disgusting sick person and feeds me homemade chicken soup, modeled the first sock so I could take some pictures. At knitting group on Saturday I officially passed the half way mark on the second sock by picking up the gusset stitches off my heel flap. The heel is turned, and, I must admit, it was almost beyond me in my current state. Luckily, clearer heads were with me.

I know you can't see the sock very well, but I love this action shot of Erin and my sock. Doesn't she look like she's having fun? Did I mention that she feeds me chicken soup, and hot tea too?


Anonymous said...

I am so impressed at Erin's bendiness! Which sock pattern did you use? At first I thought it was stockinette but it looks like there's a tiny pattern going down the side... it looks great whatever it is!

Hope you feel better soon. Eat lots of oranges :)

Batty said...

Nice sock, and Erin looks like she's having fun. Anyone who feeds you chicken soup while you're sick is great to have around.

Get better soon! Drink lots of fluids and consume vitamin C until you turn orange.

No, wait, it's too many carrots that turn you orange. Never mind.

Non-knitter Knitting Fan said...

Maybe it's time to go to the doctor--I think 2 weeks of a cough or cold is the mark on most OTC medicines. You might have bronchitis or something that requires antibiotics.

Napping is totally productive because you feel more energized afterwards! It counts as an accomplishment!

Corrie Ann said...

Wow, Erin is flexible.
The sock looks great by the way! =)

Anonymous said...

If you want I'll bring you a spoon ful of sugar, turp and kerosene. That will cure you. Maybe you just need some damp and cold Wash. weather.

I hope by now you both are better.