Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Olympic Knitting

I want to do some Olympic Knitting. But the deadline for signing up for the Ravelympics is rolling closer and closer, and I can't decide what to do...

Should I submit one of my languishing unfinished projects in the "WIPs Wrestling" category? Or should I start a new project? I need to decide soon in order to sign up on the Ravelry web site... I do have quite a few big WIPs:

I'm thinking maybe my lace project that hasn't seen much work for a few months.

But there's also my Ribby sweater.

Or, does anyone else ever think about all those fishies in my closet.


Kelly said...

Fish in the closet? And I thought you had finished the cardi and were just denying us pics!

I'd love to see the finished cardi, but wrestling with the fish sounds like a tougher (and funnier) project; finishing can be a pain.

I am also waiting for my ravelry invitation, I would love your page info when I get mine.

One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish, MALABRIGO fish said...

Oh no, not the fish. I don't think I was knitting back when you were going through that ordeal. Need I remind you: the fishies, the indexing....on the other hand, maybe the fish in your closet symbolize something academic and long and tedious and yucky tucked away in the closet...the D-I-S-AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!

I think this is a sign you should do something that is going to be fresh and lovely and new. Something that will make you happy.

I should break out my stupid malabrigo for the Olympic wrestling. That's my fish that needs to stay in the closet.

Karen said...

I vote for Ribby. It's so nice to have a new piece of clothing that you made your very own self.

But dang, don't ignore those fish. They'll end up like the patchwork quilt I started as a sophomore in college and is now sitting, still as individual patches, in my basement, taking up a valuable laundry basket, just making me feel guilty every time I clean the basement (thankfully not all that often), being more crap to haul when I move (again, thankfully not all that often), swearing that THIS time I will manage to put that thing together and make it not crap, but a fabulous handmade treasured heirloom. Dang, now I feel guilty all over again.

Holly said...

0 ____
0 / o \_//
0 o @ _
\____/ \\

Oh, the fishies! I had forgotten about those. Hope you're doing well, miss Amanda. I finally garnered myself a new job, and am sending good vibes your way. Say hi to Dan and the kitty for me.

Holly said...

Darn it! I swear that jumble of punctuation marks looked like a fish before I "published" my comment! Oh well. Your fish are much cuter anyway.

Not such a fish fan in NM said...

Well, it looks like everybody wants you to finish the fish!

I just thought of have a kitty now who probably will love to eat fish one day. Why not use those fishies to make her a felted place mat for her food bowls? Or a kitty blanket for the kitty bed that you will get for her--which she, as a kitty, of course, will never use.