Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back in CA

Well, a lot has been happening. I'm back in California, and I'm going back to school.

I got here very late on Friday night, after a killer drive from Portland straight through to Santa Cruz, and I haven't even finished setting up my room. School starts this week, and I'm nervous but excited about it.

Today I decided to venture out of the house to sit in a coffee shop (my home away from home) and send emails. I'm trying the coffee shop just down the street from my new place, and it looks promising, but the mocha is so sweet I can barely drink it. Well, next time I'll try one of my old haunts.

I'm sure I'll update my blog more often now that I'm back in CA. Cheers!


Guess Who? said...

Yay! Finally back home! Now I can get back to what I love to do most...reply to your blog posts.
You should post pictures of the new things you are discovering about Santa Cruz now that you are back. could do a countdown to your 30th birthday! Eeeek!

Batty said...

Good to have you back!

Don't worry about the back to school thing, you'll be great at it. Portland to Santa Cruz really is a killer drive. I hope you got to stop somewhere fun along the way.