Thursday, February 15, 2007

A day for pinks

What should be in a post-Valentines edition of a knitting blog? Songs of love? Yarn to make one swoon? A discussion of romance? A critique of the commercialization of love? Chocolate? (I really do recommend reading Yarn Harlot's entry from yesterday.)

I'm afraid my level of sophistication is not quite that high right now. Instead, I will simply share some observations about color that this knotty historian made during yesterday's day of love. I'm not a big pink fan. I don't think I own a single pink item of clothing. Yet, as I was contemplating the Valentines Day color scheme I realized that the yarn I obtained for my niece's hat and my grandma's scarf is all pink. So, fate demands a little photo with both pink yarns and some other pink and red things that I bought yesterday to celebrate yummy colors.

How else did I celebrate? Dan and I ate some very sexy fruit salad for diner. That was the follow up to the very romantic midterm review session that I led in the morning. I know, I know--the extravagance of it all is quite overwhelming.


Jenny said...

I love you.

You used to have a little pink sweatsuit when we were kids. With pink and purple dinasours. I think Grandma made it for you. So we come full circle.

I love you.

Mama-o-rama said...

Is that a heart cookie or a fortuitously shaped raw chicken breast with mustard in the first picture?

I got my first Valentine's present in years this year. We both spontaneously simultaneously abandoned Valentine humbuggery. Awwwwwww. . . . .

Non-knitter knitting fan said...

beautiful fruit salad! Healthy and attractive! Strawberry red with orange is much cooler than pink.

Anonymous said...

Nice talking at you. The scarf is not a secret now. Are those english walnuts in the salad? And oranges too? Glad to get you back soon. We are waiting for David too.