Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thoughts on my most significant WIP

On Thursday Dan and I visited the Carmel Mission. We spent about two hours wandering the grounds, taking pictures, examining displays, and contemplating paintings, statues, and the basilica. The trip made me think about history, aesthetics, and the renovation and commemoration of historical objects. I became preoccupied with thoughts about those who recreated the mission, who rebuilt the structures and setup the little museum displays. What is the social significance of their act of commemoration?

My dissertation topic came more into focus this week, and I made contact with the organization I will, most likely, be researching. Will my work also be an act of renovation and reconstruction?

I suppose, inevitably, it must be.


Batty said...

Good luck with your dissertation topic! They tend to undergo changes, but in the end, you'll find something that's just right.

Jenny said...

What does WIP mean?

I'm so excited for you about your disertation and education in general. I can't wait to see you again, in person!

I went to a Korean Diner last night and though of you. I am afraid I don't have a lot of renovation and reconstruction in my life. You'll have to move back here or I may loose all sense of history.

I love you!

Amanda said...

Jenny, "WIP" stands for "Work In Progress." Love, your sis.

Ashley said...

What a gorgeous picture. Good luck with the diss; I remember being at that stage where there were too many hazy nebulous ideas, and then the moment when they suddenly resolved themselves into My Project. Here's to even more clarity in the next stage!