Saturday, January 27, 2007

Three scarves for far away friends

I spent last July studying Yiddish at Tel Aviv University (you can find lots of pictures and details here through here). It was a rigorous academic program full of opportunities for rich cultural and intellectual experiences. Happily, the students were heavily international, and I was able to acquaint myself with smart people from different countries who shared their perspectives and stories with me. We studied, explored, sang, ate, complained about the heat, swam in the sea, talked about loved ones, worried about the war, shopped, walked to class, helped each other translate, danced, laughed, and formed a little community together. I became particularly close to Agi (from Budapest), Bartek and Adam (both from Poland). I hope that some day I can visit my friends in Eastern Europe and/or perhaps they can visit me, but I'm not sure when the time will come. In the interim, I don't want them to think I have forgotten our time together, so I made three scarves destined for Eastern Europe.

The specs:

Yarn: Malabrigo, one skein for each scarf (I can't rave enough about how soft and nice this 100% merino wool is to work with.)

Needles: 10.5, Knit Picks Options

Pattern: I think the stitch pattern is called "herringbone," but I'm not sure. You can find the instructions at "My So Called Scarf." In my version I cast on 28 stitches and knit till I was out of yarn. You can see close-up of my stitches on Agi's scarf here.

I have no idea how long it will take for my little packages to make their way across two continents and an ocean. Hopefully, they will arrive soon to warm the hearts and necks of my friends in Eastern Europe.


Batty said...

Those look great! I love the way the stitch pattern and colors work together. I hope they're appreciated!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful scarves, and how lovely to recieve such a handmade gift from so far away. I love your photos - knitting is always shown off best in natural light.

ps: the focused, hard-working approach isn't working well right now - hence me reading blogs in the middle of the morning. Ho-hum!