Wednesday, January 03, 2007

In the sprit of randomness

I am sitting in a cafe working and have no time to blog, but I don't want my avid readers to miss me (Apple Jack, you know I'm talking about you!). So, I will share three unrelated things that I thought might make good blog content.

1) Yesterday I was talking to my Dad on the phone. I could hear my teenage brothers talking in the background. Tristan, the 14-year-old, decided that I should take my hobby to the next level: "extreme knitting." It would involve knitting while jumping out of a plane, or underwater, or something. Fabulous idea, don't you think?

2) Two people asked in the comments on my last post what brand of yarn I'm using for the scarf I'm making Agi. The brand is called Malabrigo Yarn (follow the link for information about the Uruguay based company), and it's really great to work with. I finished Agi's scarf and am making two more with the same kind of yarn but in different colors for some nice Polish boys. You can look forward to pictures of a finished trio of scarves destined for Eastern Europe in the near future.

3) Just before I started writing this little entry, I overheard some people at another table talking about Evergreen, the college where I did my undergraduate work. I loved my experience at Evergreen and am ready to promote it at any time. So I turned to the table and said: "Are you talking about The Evergreen State College?" One of the boys started talking with me and then, when I told him that I'm now pursuing my PhD in History, he said: "Hey, I think I met your sister in Olympia." Apparently he was sitting in another public place talking about Santa Cruz, and my big sister (who is super gregarious) overheard him and started talking with him about my town and how her sister is here studying, etc, etc... Isn't that fabulously random?

Finally, an unrelated picture because otherwise this entry would be pictureless, and we can't allow that.

My cat wins the fluffy winter coat award, but she's still spent the last month hiding under blankets. I briefly considered the validity of knitting something for her to keep warm in/under, but that thought only lasted a second. She would never use something made expressly for her. Cats are just too contrary for something like that.


scarybez said...

That is one super fluffy (and very beautiful) cat!

Anonymous said...

So I've spent the last several hours experiencing every emotion from frustration to extreme sadness trying to learn how to get comfortable with knitting...I'm trying to figure out purling...unlike (the more superior art of) crocheting, if you screw up a stitch, it's next to impossible to figure out how to fix it when you're first learning. So then I have to start all over...but I have to wait a few moments until the tears stop...even with variegated yarn, it's hard to see stitches through tears. *sigh* What have I gotten myself into?!?!?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

Why not comb out the cat and use that fur for yarn?

It is a small world. Now I've got that song going around in my head. Better than nothing I guess.

Apple Jack

Batty said...

That is one fuzzy cat! I understand the impulse to hide under blankets, it's my response to winter too.

I also like extreme knitting. Does singing heavy metal while knitting count as extreme? I might try that sometime. Sure beats jumping out of a plane, or while scuba diving ("Look at tropical fish and watch your WIP felt as you knit!").