Friday, January 12, 2007


School started, and I began Socks 101. I am pleased to report that I (finally) finished my first pair of socks. I relayed my sordid sock knitting past during Socktoberfest when I tried to revive a flagging sock project, but my efforts didn't result in a finished pair of socks. No, I needed a good old lesson in Socks 101—a basic and quick pattern to help me prove to myself that warm handmade socks are within my power.

As I explained before, I made these socks as part of a knit along/test along for a book. The pattern used one skein of Manos del Uruguay, and the size of the yarn and needles makes the project go fairly quickly. After you're done knitting, you "full" the socks by getting them damp and running them in a dryer for a few minutes. Above you can see the socks before their twirl in the drier, and below you can see them flying about at the Laundromat.

My friend Kelly kindly let me take pictures of her wearing my new socks. (I love this picture with her tattoo.) You can see more pictures of these socks and other test-knitters' SOCKS 101 at a Flickr site here.

I think I will name these my "Happy Blue Socks." Doesn't Kelly look happy wearing them? I must say, I'm happy in them.

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scarybez said...

What an awsome tattoo - I'd love one like that if I wasn't such a wimp about needles :)

Great socks - love the colours - look forward to seeing more socks in the future...!