Sunday, October 15, 2006

Socktoberfest, here I come!

The wind is blowing, the leaves are changing, and October is half over. Thus, Socktoberfest is also at its midpoint, and I have yet to make an entry about the festival of socks going on in knit-blog-land. Basically, as explained by Lolly, the sock party organizer, it's a month long celebration of sock knitting. Writing about Socktoberfest means revealing my sordid sock knitting past. Lucky for you, it's not a long history.

I am one of over 1800 participants in this year's Socktober festivities. Many of the participants are avid sock knitters, skilled in their craft and with fantastic socks flying off their needles. Me? Well, I'm not that much of a sock knitting girl. So far I only have one finished sock to my credit. But to my defense: it is a lace patterned knee-high. Sadly, it wants to fall down, and I am having a hard time bringing myself to finish its match. Unfaithfully, last spring I turned to a new sock project for solace:

Where did I get the pattern? Well, I wanted to try the toe-up method, so I used the tutorial on Knitty. Creating the toe was an exciting process, and then I started zipping around and around the foot. Unfortunately, I don't know how to make the heel from this direction. So I turned to my only book about knitting socks, Cat Bordi's Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. But there still remains one problem: I am using double pointed needles, not two circulars.

I know that experienced sock knitters can make conversions between sock patterns in their sleep, but I am not yet a member of that happy club. Sadly, the little purple sock, with its neat little rows of stitches, sat without attention or progress for the summer.

Happy for me, Socktoberfest is the perfect time to pickup my neglected sock. It is now getting the attention it deserves, and, maybe, I'll have another finished sock to be proud of by the end of the month. If only the two matched....

Oh, and I have a sweet new t-shirt, thanks to my fabulous sister. Other "knotty knitters" can purchase their own here.


Anonymous said...

Simple. Find a one legged man. Problem solved.

Is that the sock on your righ hand? You just need annother and you have a pair of gloves.

Any more problrms?

Went out with your dad and Lynn Sat. night. It was all you can eat and your dad won. He quit last.

Rain has started and cold here.
Your folks are comming over Thursday night for a family dinner. Wish you were here.
Apple Jack

Yr Old Sister said...

So glad you like the shirt. You look so cute in it!

Just think, if socks were fish, you'd never have to buy socks again - you've made plenty of those. Fishtastic!

I think I am becomming even a bigger nerd then usual what with the current lack of work. I actually tried to start a conversation at the coffee shop on the interesting perspective on the war in Iraq brought up by the new season of Battlestar Galactica. My friends friends looked at me like a crazy person, but what do they know, they were still at the coffee shop like 2 hours later, whereas I had done productive things, ie eat sushi.

Love ya sweetheart!