Monday, January 15, 2007

Our little love

Niko Niko Fincannon

July 1997 – January 14, 2007

Niko, our lovely cat, went by many names. She was our Neek-Neek, our kitty-cow, our fuzzball. Although she was a cat, she also resembled many other animals, and we called her by those names too: little lion, little monkey, little lemur, little bird. We liked to say that she was made of pure Neekonium and if she was a race horse her name would have been Lenin's Beard. She is our little love.


Anonymous said...

We know how you feel. Our cat was old and with us a long time. Let Dan grow his beard and you can pet it.

Your dad told me what you had to do and I had just sent you a smiley face. Maybe you can knit a new one.

Love you guys.

Apple Jack an ?qusbismr

Non-knitter Knitting Fan said...

Rest in Peace Niko! You were loved by your wonderful parents who will always remember the happiness you brought them for almost a decade.

Corrie Ann said...

I'm so sorry, Amanda.

I wish I had met her. She was such a pretty kitty.

Jenny said...

So sorry for you and Dan's loss.

Love you. Take care.

quixote said...

Oh no!! *big hugs* I'm so sorry!!

kellysirishred said...

I'm sorry to hear about Niko. She was absolutely beautiful and sweet for the 5 min I got to pet her.

scarybez said...

I'm so sorry, Amanda. He looks like such a beautiful cat. RIP Niko.