Sunday, April 01, 2007

A girl with a hat

The hat fits!

And she looks so cute in it!

I want to send another thanks to Tim for the great pictures of Katie in the Kitty Hat. He sent them so quickly that they sat in my email in-box without attention for several days until I completed my grading and allowed myself a brief return to my online pleasures. I think they were worth waiting for.

After the grading was done, done, done I spent two days (well, maybe three) behaving as one on vacation before returning to my qualifying exam preparations. I will QE this spring. It must happen, and it will happen. (Must. Write. Faster.) Please send me good writing vibrations.

Also, please contemplate this second picture of Katie as she contemplates a sheep. The circle between animal, yarn, and Kitty Hat makes me happy.


Batty said...

That is so cute. Also, her fascination with the sheep leads me to believe that we are looking at the next generation of knitters. Only a future yarn person gets that expression when looking at a sheep!

Non-Knitter Knitting Fan said...

Think about it, believe in it, and it will happen!
I'm proud of you and all you have accomplished.

We can do a QE chant together this quarter.