Thursday, April 05, 2007

Applause with a French Accent and My Vacation

Well, school is back in session, and I have a variety of interesting but challenging tasks facing me this quarter. I am making some progress with my writing—which makes me feel good but also reminds me how much time I must dedicate in order to accomplish small steps—and I'm looking forward to the class I'm TAing and the readings course I'm taking. But, before I dive headlong into another pile of books, I need to show you something. My Clapotis:

This pattern, available for free on Knitty, is super popular in the knitting world, and the reasons are simple: it's fun and the results look good. I found this yarn on clearance last fall and, despite the fact that I wasn't planning on knitting a Clapotis, as soon as I saw it I knew what I would use it for. Now, if you read this blog regularly, you may be wondering when I knit this, because it barely made an appearance until today. To be honest, I think I did most of the knitting in December, and maybe January, right after I bought the yarn. I even gave you a glimpse when my fall grades were due.

I found that the knitting went quickly because the pattern has built in goals/rewards: "Oh, I can't stop now. I'm almost to the next row where I drop stitches!" But, silly knitter that I am, I was really slow with the finishing because I was worried the scarf/shawl was too long. So, I stuffed it in my knitting box and forgot about it until a couple weeks ago when I fished it out again, hid the ends, and suddenly had an *instantaneously* finished Clapotis.

My lovely model for these pictures is Karen. She and her son, Derek, came to visit me for two days over spring break. We had such a wonderful time playing at the beach, wandering through lovely natural settings, seeing sea lions and butterflies, eating tacos and tamales, and talking. Plus, I took tons of pictures, many of which I uploaded to my Flickr site, even creating a special set of pictures from their visit. (Karen has a wonderful blog about raising her son at Go, Bebe, Go! But, I don't think she's updated it for a few weeks.)

Their visit was very refreshing! Now I'm ready to get down to work. QE prep, here I come!


Non-Knitter Knitting Fan said...

That's a beautiful color of teal on your (sort-of) latest knitwear project. Your friend and her son look like they were having a wonderful time on their vacation to the beaches of Santa Cruz!

Anonymous said...

you should remember all work and no jack makes something. Glad you'll be home sorta soon. Maysee you then.
Apple Jack

Adam said...

Hi Amanda!
When I saw this scarf, it came to me that I still have to thank you for the one that you made for me. So: thank you :) It's good that this winter was quite warm in Poland, but it's also bad - I couldn't wear your gift ;).

I know that I hadn't written for a long time, but I had been quite busy. For instance last month I spent 5 intensive days (and very intensive nights) in Tel Aviv, city, where we had met. It was nice to see it once again, but unfortunately I didn't have enough time just to wander in the city.

What are your plans for the summer? Are you going to any Yiddish course? I sent my application to the YIVO course in NY, but I don't think I'll make it.

Thank you once again. Kisses and hugs. And some cool shake-hand to Dan ;)