Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Caught in the act

I have no problem knitting in public. But, though I've maintained this blog for just over 6 months, I'm still not quite accustomed to photographing my knitting in public. My cave-like apartment is not ideal for taking attractive pictures, and, because of this, I'm often driven into the streets in search of adequate lighting.

There is a certain polite, vaguely confused smile I see when strangers notice what I'm doing. If you photograph yarn, I'm sure you're also familiar with that particular look in a person's eye when you catch them watching you. It says: "Maybe if I smile this weirdo nut won't be threatened."

Anyway, my life is very busy right now (end of the quarter = avalanche of grading), and my work yesterday demanded multitasking. Thus, as I walked out of the bank, I realized that the light was good and the cement had a nice pebbly texture that would probably make a nice backdrop for photographing my new yarn. After furtively glancing around, I decided the sidewalk near my car was sufficiently distanced from the bank, and I could probably get away with snapping some pictures without drawing too much attention to myself. Pulling yarn and camera out of my car, I quickly set about my business.

There I was, squatting to take a few fast shots, when a woman walked directly up to me. I tried to look small.

"Did you just buy that yarn?" she asked.

"Oh, recently," I answered.

"It's very pretty. Nice colors."

"Yah, I like it."

She then proceeded to ask me where I got it, fondle it a little, note the fiber content, and wish me a nice afternoon.

I was left thinking: wow, we really are everywhere.

By the way, I decided to make my new acquisition into this popular pattern. Clap if you think it's a good plan.


Holly said...

Clap clap (otis otis)! You're right, this blog entry is indeed amusing - I can just picture you outside the bank, arranging your yarn just so. Shane's asleep with a bad cold, so I thought I'd leave you a comment whilst I idly peruse the net...
Much love,

Kalendar Girl said...


I posted about my birthday gathering on LJ assuming you'd see it, except it was Friends locked, so there is no way you could have.

Chili's on 41st in Capitola at 8pm on Thursday - call me if you can make it. I'll try to call you tomorrow!

So sorry, hope I can see you.

Jenny said...

You are so cute!