Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Good times, good times

Nothing like a little holiday bowling with friends. So festive. It was only the second time Dan has ever bowled.

And of course there was festive holiday knitting taking place at the bowling ally. Tee-hee. Very good times indeed.

Holly, who was also knitting, has really improved her technique since the other time we bowled together. She has this amazing way of walking up to the lane and dropping her ball (THUD!) just so. Then it slowly glide/floats to the pins. "Very Zen," Dan commented, and I agree. She almost beat Shane (who's technique includes a very charming hop as he approaches the lane) in our second game of the evening.

But wait. What's that next to the bowling shoes?

Could it be an almost finished Odessa? Why, yes it is!

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