Saturday, December 02, 2006


Ack! Blogger is all confusing! I upgraded to the newer version of Blogger, and now I can't tell how to upload pictures. It's very annoying because—let's be honest here—the pictures are key to any knitting blog. I'm sure some people read what I write, but I know for a fact that others just skim the pictures and move on. What will I do?

If anyone knows about how to upload pictures in the new "Beta" version of Blogger, will you please help me? I have pretty new yarn and knitting progress to show... I will post more cute pictures of my fuzzy cat if it will help...


Edited to add on 12/3/06:

Well, I finally had a few minutes to figure out the problem. I talked to a friend who also updated her Blogger account, and she was not having the same issue that I was. I searched through the Blogger help files and found one reference from September where they said that some users were unable upload pictures because of a separate "fix" they made to the program. The solution was to delete all of my temporary Internet files. Yay! I'll post some new stuff later today, after I fulfill an appropriate requisite of grading, reading, and being responsible.

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