Saturday, November 25, 2006

Signs of the Season

With blue skies shining, how can I tell that it's winter on the CA cost? Well I spied a few signs of the season that I can share with you. First, Niko grew her winter coat and is now fantastically fuzzy.

Second, Dan is also working on his winter fur.

Third, my scarf saga has reached closure. Behold my NEW alpaca scarf.

It's a simple scarf, made with knit 2 purl 2 ribbing in a symmetrical stripe pattern that I like. The yarn is Plymouth Baby Alpaca Grande. I've used this yarn for several projects, and I always enjoy knitting with it. It sheds a bit, and the finished project can be a bit fuzzy, but I love it for hats and scarves because it feels soft and cozy. Plus, I enjoy these colors tremendously.

Now my hat has a mate again, and I am wearing both almost every evening when I'm out and about with the ocean chill in the air.


Zonda said...

Nic job on your scarf! Glad your hat has it's mate now! Enjoy! :)

Bezzie said...

Hee! Very nice scarf! (And what's with men going shaggy in the winter anyway?! ;-) )

Anonymous said...

What a novel use for a bike rick. Picture prop. Hope you had enough turkey and mashed potatoes. Jenny mad enough for you.

Apple Jack

Jenny said...

You look so cute and warm with your new scarf and old hat! It's winter in Oly now. It snowed a bit last night and today. Not a lot sticking, but it's cold. I wore pj pants under my jeans today. Wish you were here to give me a warm hug. I love you.