Thursday, November 09, 2006

Scarf Saga

Two years ago, my wonderful sister sent me a lovely bunch of soft, bulky alpaca yarn for my birthday. It was love at first sight, reigniting my knitting passion, something that had smoldered with lingering projects and little attention through my first year of graduate school. I immediately cast on for a new scarf. When I ran out of two of the colors before finishing my project, my sister was a great sport. She quickly mailed more of the required colors in the matching dye lot. When it was done, I loved my scarf.

Eventually I made a matching hat. For some reason, I had sharp pangs of desire for a hat with earflaps. I played with designs for a while, eventually making something up that I was happy with. I felt quite cozy and styling with my matching alpaca hat and scarf.

Then, last spring, tragedy struck: I left my scarf on the bus. I knew immediately and turned back, but the accordion door was already shut and the bus moved on. After many calls to the bus station and several visits to their lost and found, it was clear: a stranger had my scarf.

What to do? After a period of anger—at myself and the scarf thief—I decided that the only course of action left to me was to find more of the yarn, and to make another scarf. I mean, really—the hat simply wouldn't look so snappy without its mate. Now, that mission is almost complete.

In this picture you can see the two scarves I knit during the past week. One is a delicate silk and mohair scarf for a friend, and the other is my NEW scarf. Both need a little more attention before they are complete (ends to hide and blocking to be done), but I'm really happy with both. I'll post another picture of each when they're completely finished. In the mean time, I have a bunch of bits and partial skeins left of the alpaca yarn. I think another scarf, perhaps for a very nice sister, is in order.


Jenny said...

Your yard looks so happy on the beach rocks. I'm glad you are able to make a new lovely scarf for yourself. (If you make me one two I'll be excedingly lucky.) I love you my dear Panda!

It's raining and storming and gray here in Oly. I'm hungry and I need to do stuff, but I keep wanting to eat out. That's too much money! I guess I'll brave the rain to go to Safeway and get some meat and noodles. We're still boycotting Thriftway.

The universe gave me a new black raincoat! It doesn't fit perfectly, but it's better than the old worn out blue one that Aunt Ada wanted to throw away.

So life is pretty good really. I need to work on my cash flow projections and other reasearch. I'll hopefully get that new day job I want (find out soon). We're supposd to start recording my new solo album this month. Etc. Life is mostly sweet. But I miss you, babe, and I don't want you to be so stressed out. I want you to be happy, my soon to be "Dr. Sister".

Yr Sister said...

I meant yarn, not yard. Though if that was your yard that would be good too, Cuteheart.

Mary, Mary... said...

I am most covetous of your rocky California coastline--and the scarf is lovely.;)

JulieFrick said...

Hey! Hey! That hat! Those are the exact colors of Mr. Frick's seamless hybrid! Great minds, my friend.