Sunday, November 05, 2006


My little California beach town has very mild weather. The summers are sunny, but not hot. The winters are wet, but not freezing. Overall, mild. Yet, I insist that it has good scarf weather.

As a child of the North West, I am a devout follower of the layering school of dressing. Will it rain all day? Is that morning grey deceiving? Will we have sunshine, winds, or rainbows? Or maybe, all of the above? Here in costal central California, my heavy wool layers are not necessary, but my scarf is a must. Observe, for example, Halloween.

This town has Halloween festivities at least 20 times larger and more raucous than any other place I've lived. About half the population of the city converges on a one mile stretch of downtown. And although many of the revelers are scantily clad, don't let looks be deceiving: even here, nights are quite cold in late October.

This guy, and others dressed like him, must have been freezing. Me? I was fine—I wore a scarf.

Perhaps in reaction to witnessing all that shivering on Halloween, I have gone completely SCARF MAD. After less than a week, I have almost finished knitting two scarves, and I have plans to knit at least one more ASAP.

I took this picture yesterday at knitting group. More knitting progress has taken place since then.

Say it with me: "WE LOVE SCARVES!"


Non-knitter Knitting Fan said...

"WE LOVE AMANDA's PHOTOS!" Just wanted to say that your photographs with the new digital camera look fantastic. I especially like the shots where you get all artsy and play around with color and light.

Stephanie (aka qdgirl) said...

Thanks for your birthday wishes!

Anonymous said...

Scarves are awesome, and so are your pictures.

P.S.: Consider yourself linked!