Sunday, May 13, 2007

Nobody expects an Albino Squirrel!

As I sit here writing (pounding my head against the wall), I realize that I haven't checked in with my blog friends in over two weeks. Do not worry. I have only fallen off of a metaphorical cliff, not a real one. The writing continues. The goal: a finished dossier to be submitted several weeks prior to my QE scheduled for June 5th (you need not remind me that several weeks means, urm, now). Knitting has also fallen off a metaphorical cliff. Forgive me and send good writing vibrations.

In the meantime, enjoy the mystery that is the Albino Squirrel!

Personally, I'm intrigued. This thing lurks next to the Physical Sciences building and greets my students and me as we exit class. My students gave it the nickname, and, believe me, that rump is eerily white. It's not knitting, but it is interesting.


Anonymous said...

There are lots of explanations.
1 Its an animal that sat on a freshly painted white parkbench.
2 They are doing strange experiments in the science building.
3 It's a lazy animal that hasen't taken off it's pajama bottom yet.
There are more where these came from.
I'm having the same problem writing. My article is due for June and it isn't a very fun month.
Want to trade jobs?

Batty said...

You're right. It's adorable, but I sure wouldn't have expected it either!

New Knitter Knitting Fan said...

I agree with one of your Apple Jack's ideas: this albino squirrel is part of some strange science experiment that the scientists at school were creating. Maybe it escaped from its cage in one of the labs!!!!

Maybe we should knit this albino squirrel a sweater so it can have some color on him?

Liz said...

Good luck on your exams, mine are coming up at the end of the summer and I'm already tense!

Jenny said...

Maybe the squirrel was scared by something and it's going gray because of it. Or maybe it's a very old squirrel. Is that really how you spell squirrel?

Love you sweetheart. You can do it! See you soon.

Love, Jenny