Sunday, January 06, 2008

Birthday scarf report

Well, last time I suggested a few upcoming entries for my blog, but now I'm doing something else: I'm showing you photo evidence that I did, in fact, finish my birthday scarf, and that I love it and wear it daily. It's lovely and colorful and warm and long and... everything I hoped it would be. I got a bit finicky about utilizing every single bit of the fancy Noro Silk Garden yarn, and, by the end, was spit splicing small (2-3 foot) segments of yarn between the two balls so that the colors would work the way I wanted and in order to get optimum length out of the four skeins. I think I was successful.

So, do I look ready to tackle 2008?


Batty said...

It's gorgeous. And look at that smile! Something that makes you this happy was worth every last bit of effort.

LizzieK8 said...

Definitely a hug to keep one warm!

Holly said...

Hey my dear friend,
Shane and I have been wanting to call you and Dan to thank you for the surprise we received upon returning home after the holidays, but, alas, we are bad people and have lost your phone number! I hope you still have ours - if you do, please call us! We miss you! Glad to see you're finally showing off that beautiful scarf. You should be very proud of it. Lots of love, Holly (and Shane)