Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Further adventures of the birthday scarf (and a new hat)

I would be remiss not to tell you about the wonderful show I attended a couple Fridays ago and the spontaneous roll that my unsuspecting birthday scarf played in the festivities.

The first knitting related event occurred when I met the lovely Miss D.

My sister's introduction included describing Miss D. as "crafty," and (as if to provide evidence of Jenny's statement) Miss D. immediately pulled up her sleeve to show me the words "crafty lady" at the bottom of a large tattoo. I, of course, asked to see the whole tattoo and then took a picture to share with you, my gentle readers. She's considering continuing the piece around the inside of her arm by adding a heart shaped ball of yarn with two knitting needles sticking through it--a choice I fully support. Plus, she came to my knitting group this Sunday. (Yay!)

The show was quite long and I managed to knit most of a small hat during the evening (which seemed to give Miss D. knitting envy because she brought a fuzzy scarf project back with her after a quick jaunt home for some earplugs). I started the hat a few days before with the intention of making a new baby hat for my little nephew, who is already way too big for the first hat I made him. I was about an inch in and finished it during the show. But it's too big for a baby! Even a big baby like sweet Joe! So, I think I'm going to give it to Derek, my friend Karen's son, who it will probably fit. (I'll try to get pictures when I present the gift in a couple weeks.) Anyway, it's fun to spread the knitting bug at rock shows.

But, you ask, what about the scarf? What adventure did it have? Well, after the show, Cataldo recorded one of the tracks for his upcoming album, and I was one of a bunch of people who stuck around to sing for the chorus. One of the other performers acted as the hypeman (indicating to us when to sing, etc), and he used my birthday scarf as his signaling tool. It was fun. I shook bells. My scarf was the center of attention. I sang. Music + Knitting = Good Stuff!


Anonymous said...

Can we hear your scarf shake? I'll be listening.
Apple jack

Kelly said...

I love the scarves, and I'm glad to see you blogging again. Your birthday scarf is beautiful! That cody, he's going to be breaking hearts and driving you nuts in a year or two.

(since I had to rip out, oh, 70% of Rogue I'm on a knitting hiatus ;)

New Knitter in D.C. said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Did I read correctly that Jenny's show only cost $3- $5? I've heard her perform and she should be charging at least $10-$12. Mirah, who I told you I heard playing on Santa Clara University's station years ago when I heard her on at your house, is going to be playing in Virginia this week, but it's at night and I'm scared to walk on my street at night when the show is over.

It's snowing here in D.C.!!!!! It just started this morning! I ran outside and stuck my tongue out to grab some snow.

Yesterday I almost bought a $25 violet cashmere hat at "Filene's Basement" (an east-coast version on Nordstrom Rack) but decided it was too much for just an accessory. In Dupont Circle (a business neighborhood close to the White House) at lunch time all the politicos wander the streets. Everyone here wears the same thing! Chic black wool overcoats, fancy and shiny leather shoes (especially leather knee-high equestrian-style high heel boots for the girls), and scarves and gloves that do not have a hand-knit look to them. It's kind of funny how everyone who is dressed the same comes marching out of the White House and the other federal buildings looking exactly the same.

You should knit me a hat! I have a small head (bigger than Joe's) and my only requirement is that it not look like a certain type of prophylaxis.

I haven't made it to the knitting store here yet, but there is only one store called "Knit D.C." that has three different locations. They have classes, but at like $20 per session. Forget it! I need to save my money for a tazer! Or, to ship home all the cheap souvenoirs I'm going to buy.

Batty said...

Sounds like a great time! I wouldn't worry too much about baby hat sizing (except when they're too small). They'll grow into them. Cute hat, though!

Jenny said...

More entries please! Also, come to more shows with me. But I know you have the cruddy cold right now. No matter - get better, and soon we will have more fun. It's so nice having you near my dear!