Sunday, November 04, 2007

Welcome Joe!

There's a new baby in my family! I now have a sweet little nephew!

I thought I would be able to welcome him into the world before I left for Los Angels, but he was born last Thursday, one day after I left on my research trip, and I had to wait a week before meeting the little guy. He's a lovely little bundle of new born baby goodness with fabulously dark eyes and loads of wiggles. I, in fine knitterly fashion, greeted him with a hat (regular readers saw it in process back here).

Personally, I can't resist dressing babies and small children in hats with ears. It amuses me to no end. So, as soon as I found out that Dan's sister was pregnant with her second child, I thought of Hello Yarn's free pattern. The yarn is some amazingly soft baby alpaca that Holly gave me as a going away present last June (she called it "provisions" for my trip from CA to WA).

As you may be able to tell in these pictures, my hat is almost too small for Joe's little head. Thus, I'll need to get busy on a new hat for him to wear as the weather continues to cool. Plus, his sister outgrew her hat with ears and may enjoy a new little something from her adoring aunt—big sisters also deserve knits.

I love this picture of her all tired out after meeting her brother at the hospital for the first time. (Thanks to Tim for all the great pictures!)


new knitter said...

Oh how beautiful! Welcome to the world baby boy!
I love his little moccassins and his sister's leaf that she's carrying.
How precious!

Batty said...

He's beautiful, and so alert! What a precious little boy!

While I don't get adults with cat ear hats, I sure get the appeal of babies, kids and toddlers with ear hats. I completely understand the urge to gild that lily.

Adva Ahava said...

Aaww, these are adorable pictures. Congrats on the new addition to your family. And the hat with ears is adorable! :-)