Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amanda's scarf goes to Washington (D.C. that is)

The title of this post was the title of a lovely little email I got from a dear friend and fellow aspiring historian who left for D.C. the night after she passed her oral exams in January (congratulations!). You may know her by the moniker "New Knitter" which she uses when leaving comments on my blog.

D.C. is a bit colder than Santa Cruz, and she brought the scarf I knit for her a few winters back and has been using it frequently to keep warm when she's out and about in our nation's capital. I told her it would thrill me if she sent a picture for my blog of her wearing the scarf in front of a national landmark. She out did herself and sent several. Here are my favorites.

The Washington Monument:

The Vietnam War Memorial:

The Lincoln Memorial:

Yay New Knitter!!! I love pictures of people wearing the things I make for them! Thank you.


New Knitter in D.C. said...

Hey, I recognize that girl! Oh, Amanda, you've made me so happy by posting my info on the internet. If only a handsome single guy would stumble upon your knitting blog...=)
I love posting comments to your blog and I always check your site for new posts.
I have taken your scarf to 2 new sites: Baltimore--a lot cooler than D.C. in a lot of ways because the people are less rude and everything's much cheaper--and to the halls of the "tourist" side of the National Archives. (Still no research yet; I'm on vacation...)
Your scarf was with me when "we" saw the original Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the house that Lincoln died in.
Your scarf has even been to George Washington's house in Virginia!
One day I'll take your scarf to the OTHER Washington to see you again.

Batty said...

Wow, that's what I call scarf appreciation! Knitting and history is such a great combination. There were a few books I read for my orals that would have put me to sleep if it hadn't been for under-the-table knitting... but I digress.

Great to have a friend who appreciates your work! The color looks fabulous on her.