Sunday, April 06, 2008


I'm still knitting, but I may be a bit out of sync with the seasons because I just finished some fingerless gloves. Then again, it snowed here a week ago. So maybe I'm not that far off...

This is the Dashing pattern from Knitty. I fell in love with this yarn (the new Manos silk blend) and wanted to find a quick project that would only use one skein. The cabling on the wrist is a bit lost in all the colors, but I still like it. Yay for knitting and blogging!

I meant to post about this project earlier, and even took some in-progress pictures (see below), but I’m afraid I’ve been a naughty blogger--not just a knotty one. Still, all the lovely flowers beginning to bloom encourage me to post more often. There are all sorts of lovely things to show you other than my slow knitting progress...


New Knitter said...

That's so beautiful! I love the colors. Now you'll have to knit yourself a matching scarf so that your Noro scarf won't clash.
Talk to you on Passover!

Kalendar Girl said...

Hey sweetie,

Been thinking about you a lot lately.
Started the Master Knitter program and thought how much fun it would be to do it with you while watching TV or sitting in the coffee shop. :( Not as much fun alone.

Been too busy with work to do much this year. It's lightening up, but school is really hard right now - I am just not getting the current subject. So.....I've been trying to study. I miss you, though! I'm putting my email address in this comment so you can email me your address. I recently bought you something.......and I want to send it to you! (yes, it is yarn)

<3 Erin

a_bittergirl at yahoo . com

Batty said...

They're beautiful! I was cold this morning and had to dig out my gloves, so no, they are not inappropriate for this season. It's not winter, it's not spring, it doesn't know what it wants to be, so fingerless gloves are perfect.

Kalendar Girl said...

Alright, I updated, so now I am bugging you to update!