Saturday, June 21, 2008

Playing: A Kitten's How To Guide

Step 1: Jump out of the bag at the silly human with the camera. Surprise!

Step 2: Find the best toy ever! (Recommended toy is anything but something overpriced your silly human purchased in an attempt to buy your affection.)

Step 3: Give chase and kill, kill, kill! Do not let it escape your grasp!


New Knitter said...

I've changed my mind: Your Gabby should be called Fat Rocky III because she is the spitting image of my Fat Rocky II. My "twins" are getting into everything. Yesterday they went up on top of the roof (!) and my Dad had to keep getting them down with the ladder. They climb up the trees in order to get up there. In the house they are chewing on, tossing around, kicking around every pen, paper, or cord they can find. They also like to climb up the speakers.

Kalendar Girl said...

Oh Knotty Historian, you came and you gave without taking, but I pushed you away. Knotty Historian, remember the knitting you gave me, but then you just moved away....

It's a lot harder with your screen name instead of your real name.

Hope everything is going good with you! I miss you!