Sunday, November 02, 2008

A perfect lunch

Yummy. Wish you were here.


New Knitter in New Mexico said...

We are all there in spirit!

That yarn looks soft. I have 3 more weeks here in New Mexico and it has turned cold! It snowed a tiny bit, so that's my sign that it's time to take a drive South--to Roswell and Carlsbad Caves for the holiday weekend. I'm bringing the same stupid knitting project I've been working on forever (this time with a yarn I bought 16 months ago). Let's see if I finish it before returning to the Pacific Coast!
In news of actual accomplishments: I have been vegan for 3 weeks (if I make it to tomorrow).
(I also started laser hair removal of my mustache! Shhh!)

New Knitter in New Mexico said...

I want you to have ABUNDANT blog posts, so I am posting a second comment.
I am working on a little shrug with bamboo yarn and I've tossed that stupid malabrigo back in the closet, again.
This weekend I went 750 feet underground into a CAVE!!!! Carlsbad Caverns in the southern end of New Mexico. I also visited the UFO museum in Roswell. Lots of Republicans and cattle farms over there in Roswell. That South-eastern corner of the state is known (as was known since the mid-19th century) as Little Texas because of the demographic and topographic similarities to Texas and differences from the more Mexican-American and Pueblo northern New Mexico.