Sunday, November 30, 2008

Why I love knitting scarves: 16th birthday edition

1) They fit everyone (except maybe babies.... but babies look cute in everything else).

2) They offer unlimited opportunities to play with color and stitches.

3) Simple or complex, it's up to me!

4) Most scarves involve very little finishing (particularly now that I've converted to spit-splicing).

5) I enjoy watching them grow longer and longer--offering a sense of progress.

6) Knitting a simple scarf is a form of meditation.

7) They don’t take too much yarn.

So when Tristan asked me for a scarf for his 16th birthday, I was super thrilled. And, to make it even better, the yarn I used was a birthday gift from my dad. I knit this scarf in just a couple weeks and brought it on a little trip with my family to Cannon Beach in Oregon on the weekend of Tristan’s birthday in early November.

The blustery costal rain didn’t invite a lot of pictures, but I did take a few rather dashing pictures of Tristan with his birthday scarf. He was a fabulous sport about everything.

Note: Tristan’s is wearing his favorite shirt in these pictures. You can see the complete message in the final picture: “I’d rather be watching Red Dwarf.”

Tris, I hope you had a lovely birthday! I'm so glad I was able to be there for your celebration! I'm so proud of you!


New Knitter BACK in CA! said...

That scarf looks great! And what a beautiful picture of the Oregon trees and fog. Your heart must be full of love thinking about how it was just 16 years ago when you were helping take care of your brother as a baby...and now he's already 16 years old!

I made it back to California last glad to be the F*** out of New Mexico!!!!! Unfortunately, a 3rd Sanchez cat has died in the last year and a half. Osito, one of my parents' 2 little grey kitties that they adopted in May, got hit by a car just around the corner from our house one week before I came home. I hadn't seen him in 4 months, and we had only been "friends" for 2 months, but I really wanted to see what he looked like as a grown-up cat. His brother, Diablito, has been sleeping in my bed. We're getting to know each other: He wears a little purple collar with a bell on it, and I feed him wet cat food as a treat.
Happy Birthday to Tristan!

Jenny said...

Nice to see you blogging again Panda. Isnt Tris handsome in his new scarf!

Batty said...

Great scarf, and the colors are perfect! What a great gift.