Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Paris Loop

Two things: I finished something and it's been snowing here.

Jenny took these pictures of me modeling my new Paris Loop over a week ago on Sunday during knitting group. We had fun. The snow was just starting. It was exciting. Little did we know what Mother Nature had in store for us.

I like my Paris Loop. It adds a touch of elegance/hippie-sheik to my wardrobe. Plus it's a pretty color and warm. It knit up super quick the chunky yarn I got for my Birthday (the name of which escapes me while I am typing the content of this blog entry on my morning break from work, but I'd be happy to look it up at home if anyone wants to ask). It was a great project for knitting while reading, in the dark on busses, or watching TV.

Dear Kelly knit a couple of these in our knitting group in Santa Cruz. It isn't an item of clothing I would expect to work with my figure, but when I tried Kelly's on (long ago) I was surprised by how flattering it was. But, if I make another one, I might try to make it a bit smaller around but with looser, more open stitches.

This project also made me realize that I really must try knitting a sweater in the round. Soon.

Coming soon: pictures of snow... and more snow.... and more snow...


Kelly said...

Love it! I made a second one for my mom this year (actually reknit the one you saw many years ago that I knitted in too loose a gauge.)I get more compliments on this piece than anything else I've knit.

Happy Chanukkah!!

New Knitter Not Knitting said...

What a lovely Christmas surprise to see pictures of a beautiful, curvy brunette with knitwear, a winter cap, and snow falling all around. You look like a Russian doll!

News reports over here on tv are covering the snowstorms at Sea-Tac. Channel 2 out of San Francisco even had a little 5 minute report from "the streets of Seattle" connecting early snow to Global Warming. Over here there is a little rain, but Lexington Resevoir and the San Luis Resevoir in Gilroy are getting really Dry!

My Christmas wish today is that time freezes RIGHT NOW so that I never have to return to Santa Cruz...No Students! No Grading! No Whining! No Department BS! No 17!Isn't that a lovely thought?