Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas-Hanukkah!

Dan and I are very happy because our big present is... a week off together starting today. Yay! But the weather is conspiring to keep us inside for a while.

I haven't driven the car for over a week, and the only way we were able to get over to my mother-in-law's house for Christmas was by getting a ride with relatives in their giant monster car (otherwise known as a Suburban).

We ate turkey, opened presents, and enjoyed each other's company. I particularly enjoyed watching my niece and nephew opening their gifts.

After a bumpy ride home, I lit my candles and spent some quality time with Ella.

I look forward to seeing my family in Portland soon, but I'm waiting on the weather to figure out when and how I will get down there.

I hope to post again soon. My camera is full of pictures of the snow, and I want to share them with you before it all melts.

Love and good wishes to everyone!


No Snow for New Knitter said...

Wow, look at that snow. It reminds me that I need new tires. A week off vacation--whoo-hoo! Have fun! Good to hear Ella's Jewish. Does she like potato pancakes? My Diablito loves wet cat food, but not much else for treats. It's a nice change. For once in my life I can cook dinner, put down on my table, step away for a few minutes, and come back and NOT find a big cat eating out off my plate! I've been calling him Prince because he thinks he's the King of the house but he's really just the Prince of the house.

Batty said...

Look at that snow! No kidding about the weather conspiring to keep you inside. But as long as it's warm inside, it shouldn't matter.

I'm wishing you Happy Holidays, a wonderful time with your family, and a very knitty couple of days while you're stuck in the snow.

Jenny said...

Amanda, it is February! When I need a break from work, I expect your blog to be updated! Ha. I love you!