Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lynn's big beret

Some time ago, I found this Noro yarn on sale, and I immediately knew it would be perfect for making a gift for Lynn because they are exactly her colors. After careful consideration, I decided to make her another hat--specifically a beret.

You see, this is not the first hat I've knit for dear Lynn. I made her a lovely Odessa a few years ago, but she can’t wear it anymore. She has a hearing aid, and if she wears a hat too tight over her ears it makes the hearing aid feedback.

This hat doesn’t have that problem.

I used the "One Day Beret" pattern as the basis for the hat (I showed it to you way back here), but I purposely made it rather large on top so it can bell out over her ears. The extra space stops the feedback problem. (Yay!)

I finally presented the finished beret to Lynn in February, and I think she’s really happy with it! When I was down in Portland last weekend, I noticed it in her car. She told me that she keeps it there for convenience and wears it frequently when she's chilly.

It makes me really happy when I know someone I love is using something I knit for them.


New Knitter said...

Well you really ARE springing to action with your blog posts, aren't you!

Did you know that I also keep the scarf you made for me in my car so that I can just grab it whenever it seems extra chilly at the bus station in San Jose?

I used to hang the scarf up on a wooden coat hanging thing in my room because the burgundy looked good against the white walls, but I would always forget to bring it to school.

Batty said...

It's very pretty, and such a thoughtful gift. And it covers the ears. There are so many cute beret patterns, but when it's cold out, they leave your ears to fall off from frostbite. Not this one!