Thursday, June 28, 2007

In flux

We survived the long haul up to Washington and even found a place to live! It’s been stressful and hectic, and I didn’t sleep or knit very much. Our family has been very kindly housing us until we can get into our new home, and we’ve found a few minutes here and there to visit our old haunts (including Canvas Works, Olympia’s yarn store), but we feel that establishing ourselves in our new (bigger) home is necessary before we can relax and really enjoy coming back to the northwest. Being here still feels very surreal and, though we’ve only been away a short time, we find ourselves missing our friends back in Santa Cruz. Hopefully we will find ourselves again soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Amanda! I am happy that now you are closer to me! Selfish, selfish bitch that I am. I hear you will be in Portland soon and I hope you will call me and we can hang out. Love, Karen

New Knitter Yarn Obssessed Crazy Online Spender! said...

Yeah!!!! I'm so glad you made it home safely! Look at you and that big slingshot that you drove! Soon you're ready to drive that big-rig behind you.
Send us pictures of your new place, your new yard, and your knitting room!
Can't wait to hear from you!
I hope you had fried chicken at that truck stop on your way to Olympia.

Batty said...

You will. Early post-move is a very surreal time, you'll get over it.

Just think: bigger place means more space for yarn storage!

Anonymous said...

I MISS YOU, AMANDA!!!!! *sniffle sniffle* I get all funny whenever I look at my's just not the same!!!!! (Teresa)