Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ack! Come celebrate with me and my sister!

Edited to add at 8:58, Sunday night:

Well, something terrible has happened. The show my sister was scheduled to play at was canceled. Now she has no where to play on Wednesday night. She asked me if I have any friends with houses who can host a small concert, and I had to tell her that none of my friends have houses. We don't know where the show will be, or even if there will be a show. If anyone in Santa Cruz can help, please let me know. Ack!

I have absolutely no time. No time. But I'm writing this because, theoretically, I'll pass my exam, or turn into a pumpkin or something, on Tuesday. Therefore, I will have a reason to celebrate on Wednesday, and, conveniently, my sister is on her exciting west coast tour and will be in town that night performing.

Everyone who would like to celebrate with me and see my sister in all of her lovely indie-rock-singer-songwriter-ukulele-playing glory should come to the show on Wednesday. It will be an intimate little house show at 619B Broadway St., beginning at about 8:00, and there will probably be a small door fee. If you're curious about my sister's music, look at her myspace page where you can listen to a few of her songs. It will be fabulous! Plus, the completion of this whole QE thing really will be something to celebrate.

What was that? Where's the knitting? Um... We'll just have to talk about that after Tuesday, but I did go to knitting group yesterday, and I have a picture to prove it (note the new haircut and the knitting needle hanging off my head):

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Batty said...

Canceled sucks. But I wish you the best of luck with all things academic, you'll do just fine. Don't let your committee talk you into history-induced hysteria. It's smartest not to go near one's advisor once you can no longer change anything.