Saturday, September 08, 2007

Fashion forward

To be honest, I didn’t realize that headbands are in again, but I’ve had three requests for them, in some form or another, over the past few months. Another clue is that I’ve gotten quite a few complements on one I made for my self out of a delicious bit of scrap yarn (there’s a picture of me wearing it way back here).

My “ah ha” moment came when my littlest brother, Cody, marked his entry into teenagehood by requesting a headband for his 13th birthday. Headbands were certainly not in vogue when I turned 13 in the early-nineties. They had unsavory associations with 80s styles, and I was a teenager in the grunge era. Now things are different. Today’s burgeoning trendsetters, such as my brother, are heavily influence by manga and anime, where headbands have different connotations.

Cody asked for "forest colors" and I felt this Trekking sock yarn qualifies. I asked Cody how he will use the headband, and he answered, “Sometimes I’ll wear it when I practice Taekwondo, or maybe when it gets cold.” So, I tried to take some pictures of him practicing kicks, but it was challenging because he moves so fast. Sometimes it seems like he’s flying.


Adva Ahava said...

Wow, headbands are back? Who knew?

And that's a very impressive flying-leap-thing!

kungfuramone said...

Your brother looks badass. Tell him I said so.

Batty said...

Very cook headband! Reminds me of Rambo and Karate Kid, not that those two have very much in common. Taekwondo is cool, my cousin has a black belt in it, and he's also a tall, skinny guy who looks like he's flying.

Amanda said...

My parents and brothers just love it! Both of my brothers are almost second degree black belts, and, while they're both extremely impressive, I'm also really proud of my parents who both earned their first degree black belts while in their fifties.

cody said...

the picture of me landing after doing a jump front kick is bad. it looks like i am about to fall over(i didnt, but that not the point).

New Knitter said...

Whooa...a flashback I'm trying to clear out of my head: me being 13 in the late grunge era (1995). I wouldn't have worn a headband at that time either! But, did you know that in SF this summer I almost bought a burgundy/fuschia wide silk headband at Loehman's Department store(a fancy Ross)?

I made one headband out of sock yarn. Are there any alternatives that still will give you the "bounce" you want for a headband? I don't think I'm going to make that wide Knitty headband, but I have definitely decided to move on from the malabrigo disaster and am thinking of my new project--probably lace again.