Thursday, July 13, 2006

Touring, 2.5

Well, I wasn't able to post pictures of some of the places I went during the second day of touring. But, thanks to a helpful classmate, I now have more pictures to share. Bartec, who's name I am sure I am spelling terribly wrong, is from Poland, and very kindly took pictures of things for me when my camera wasn't working consistently. Here you can see him standing in front of the canyon we climbed out of on the second day of touring:

We also went to a wonderful alpaca farm on that day, and I LOVE alpacas. Alpaca is my favorite fiber to knit with, and they are really funny and sweet to see in person. The farm we were at had over 400 alpacas, and I got to hand feed some. Unfortunately, they were out of yarn, so I couldn't buy anything from the farm to knit with.

This tiny baby walked by me on wobbly legs and let me pet it a bit.

It was amazing to spend the day in the desert.


the younger one said...

hi amanda.i looked at the alpaca pictures u posted, there cute!!!!i have just taken aclass on making co2 and have just finished mine. i enjoyed reading your blog, the writing is cool! i also enjoy the the pictures u posted. i have figured out more art on the keybourd. !) $.$ ^.^ <><
love ^.- ur bro

Yr Sister! said...

I can't tell who is cuter: you or the Alpacas! OK, probably you. But you with the baby alpacas is especially good.

And your friend sounds nice too. I'm so glad you are making nice friends who help you with pictures and stuff.

I'm playing a show tonight. I want to call you today but I still haven't found a phone card. I'll look some more.

Love you so much Cutie.