Saturday, July 08, 2006

Touring, pt. 2

Touring on Saturday and Sunday was lovely.

Above is a picture of the canyon we hiked into on Saturday, and then we climbed out of it. The views were amazing, but the climb up, up, up was rather hot and difficult. Afterwards we visited the place where Ben Gurion is buried and drove past a sculpture garden in the middle of the desert perched on the edge of a cliff. We also went to a really neat Alpaca farm, but my pictures from that part of the day didn't turn out well. Hopefully, I will get some from one of my classmates and post them later.

"Water in the desert" was the theme of most of the places we went on Sunday.

Near the Dead Sea we saw the above waterfall. It was quite breathtaking to look one way up at the water and the green plants flourishing around it, and then to look the other way, down and out of the canyon where the water runs, toward the Dead Sea on the horizon with the dry, rocky cliffs above. Below is a picture of the guard which came with my group for most of the trip as she admired the view.

And here is a picture of Esther, a very nice girl from Australia who currently studies in London, that I took in front of the waterfall:

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